Important points before sending your documents:


A bleed through and trim marks

Images in high resolution and CMYK

Sources encrusted when closing the PDF

How to create a PDF from InDesign?


Where do you send your files?

You can send your files by uploading them to our FTP server, or by CD, Mail or  by We Transfer.

Please contact our sales department to obtain the access codes.

How do you check if the files are ok?

We send you a low quality proof to check the files. If the deadline is short we send you a PDF

How do you check the good reproduction of the colours?

We certify all the colour proofs with the system ISO FOGRA 39, a European standard of colour who certify reproduction at 100%.

We can realize a colour proof.

What about the delivery? 

Our own transport department guarantees the promptness of the delivery.

Our international department ensures delivery in Europe.